White slaves masters raped black women and turned their backs on their offspring. They are the original dead beat dads.

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This !!!!

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Someone finally spoke the truth !!!

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can you say Thomas Jefferson and everyone of his co signers of the declaration of so called independence. yeah independence for who ?

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Not so fun fact: those signers were so hounded by the fact that they kept slaves that many of them bent over backwards to justify keeping slaves, including pointing out cranial structures and cultural differences. They were claiming black people to be subhuman so that they could claim they wanted freedom while still keeping slaves.

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Reemember that time when it was legal to deny Romani people homes and jobs in the United States until 1998? 1998. Fewer than 20 years ago. And how my family is still followed in stores, fired from jobs, harassed, called dirty? How we had to change our surname and pretend we were Arab just so we could get into this country? How most of my mother’s family disowned her for marrying my babo?

but, no, please tell me how there is no anti-Romani sentiment in the US